Demo 2010

by Ridgemont

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barely saw the sun today, set back my alarm clock and just sighed, that familiar resignation taking hold walls closing in around my world unfolding views of the absurd but we burn brighter than these billboards and fluorescent lights if these days are just stamps on our timecards then I wonder why I still get these chills when I think about how I spend my days and how they waste away find moments, look closely see the sun break through the clouds and take the world for what it is all the fucked up and sad and amazing things dirty looks and business suits, totally oblivious to all going on, 20 stories underneath these monsters looming over us, glass canyons blocking out the sun so when i feel sad and frustrated, angry and cold i remember the point of escape and how far we've come so if these nights where we give everything we have amount to nothing but the images that burned into our minds we will carry every one throughout the years until we die.
As I lean my head on dirty glass and this train takes me away, I stare outside at all the things that fill this place we ruled like kings. It seems weve grown apart and gone our separate ways, But this whole thing was far too strong, to be broken because were gone. For all the nights we left, the words we held, the things we never learned, Well fuck them all, we made the best decisions as far as im concerned. and to the ones who said were wasting time, just pissing life away, do you know how it feels to not want to take back a single day? I hope, that we will always remember this, I hope, that this is something we will miss, And I know, I know, we wont have to pretend, The next time I see you, my friends. We let the adult world separate us and cut us at the knees, But we never fall apart, we bridge the gaps and thousand miles of seas, No matter where I am, nothing will ever come close, To when we were together, drunk again, singing to the stars.
we come back a little too late to our senses the damage we've accrued and the memories we've lost we tow the line between logic and the great beyond please hold yourself together it's all we have and it's true that higher powers won't dictate whether or not you have a drink josh, you're stronger than this choices made are circumstantial judgments can't be passed you'll live another day legendary losses we deal with everyday reflecting life with a shotgun and a lack of personal space it's for the best you're well aware another night then fucking sunrise time is on your side now higher powers won't dictate how you live your life we're stronger than this empowerment is a virtue when realized the more we stand above him the less we stand to gain
the snow's coming down in goddamn boston i've tried to hold myself together for a month now chords and philosophy don't help as much as you might think i'm tearing at the seams but there's whiskey on my breath i fucked up keep on trying, breaking my back wishing i was hopeful the damage has been done i'm wasted try again some other day recognize thoughts of fate demons come but we will stay we will find a way. i'm petrified of more than old habits and sacrifices the snow's piling up and i'm still standing just not as tall as i was before we're motionless i won't look the other way from the silence measuring the time it takes to disengage but there's whiskey on my breath i'm sorry keep on trying, breaking my back wishing i was hopeful the damage has been done i'm wasted try again some other day recognize thoughts of fate but we will find a way.


released January 1, 2010


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Ridgemont Boston, Massachusetts

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